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Stay Warm, Anywhere,
Anytime With Hot Heat Kit. Advanced Urine Warmer!

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Hot Heat Kit
Electronic Heated Bottles | Advanced Urine Warmer - Hot Heat Kit

Hot Heat Kit 


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Hot Heat Kit
Best Urine Warmer | Urine Temperature Detector | Hot Heat Kit


No powders, consistent heating guaranteed, 7 hour battery life , designed to prevent overheating and leakage.
60ml tank!
No device can compete with our 7 hour battery life.

Best Urine Warmer | Urine Temperature Detector | Hot Heat Kit


The bottles can be used multiple times, making it an environmentally-friendly option.

No batteries required as device is charged via type C USB.

Hot Heat Kit

Easy To Use

Simply fill the bottle with the liquid of your choice, the Hot Heat Kit will begin to heat the liquid and maintain its temperature for hours and hours.

Best Urine Warmer | Urine Temperature Detector | Hot Heat Kit

Hidden - Easy to conseal and

Slimline design for easy concealment in any situation,
With a Length of 74mm, Height of 115.8mm and a width of 32mm.
We have even used solid state relays for pure silence.

Best Urine Warmer | Urine Temperature Detector | Hot Heat Kit

About Our Company

What is Hot Heat Kit?

Hot Heat Kit

Bored of heating powders? Bored of hand warmers? Bored of the inconsistencies? Bored of stress?


Made by people who know exactly what that feels like!



Introducing Hot Heat Kit, the most advanced urine warmer. Engineered to elevate the temperature of water, urine and more, these compact wonders are the ideal companions for all your outdoor escapades, from camping, hiking & fishing. And don’t forget to keep them handy at home or the office!

Crafted from premium materials, these heated bottles boast exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring they withstand the test of time. User-friendly and intuitive, simply fill the bottle with your beverage of choice, set your desired temperature, and experience the magic as the Hot Heat Kit rapidly warms and maintains the perfect temperature, enriching your adventures and daily routines with warmth and comfort.

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Hot Heat Kit
Best Urine Warmer | Urine Temperature Detector | Hot Heat Kit

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Hot Heat Kit

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Hot Heat Kit

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Hot Heat Kit

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About Our Company

How It Works?

Hot Heat Kit

Simply fill the bottle with cold water or urine and set to desired temperature up to 25 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius. The Hot Heat Kit will then begin to heat the water, and it will maintain its temperature for approximately 7 hours.


Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to stay warm on a camping trip or a simple solution for keeping your coffee or tea hot at work, Hot Heat Kit has you covered.

Best Urine Warmer | Urine Temperature Detector | Hot Heat Kit
Urine Warmer Technology | Prioritizing Client Comfort - Hot Heat Kit


Hot Heat Kit

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